i am the only expert on my body and my experience

we get sick, we go to the doctor. we want to eat “right,” we go to a dietician. we want to get “fit,” we go to a personal trainer or yoga teacher. these are the “experts” who can tell us what we need to do “right” to be our best selves.

spoonies, yoga, and chronic illness/pain

a few tips on how to make yoga classes and studios more welcoming and inclusive for spoonies (people suffering from chronic illness/pain).


jeff emerson: building a non-profit yoga studio

NPO studio founder shares how donation-based classes and teacher training courses create a community of support for those in recovery.

adam stonebraker: authenticity is the best thing you have to offer

one man’s mission to teach people how to find balance through the ancient yet scientific practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

anna ferguson robas: therapeutic yoga for trauma recovery

discovering her mission to educate people with the most effective techniques and information to recover from trauma through yoga.

jivana heyman: peace of mind, activism, and accessible yoga

a gentle but straight-talking yogi gets real about yoga, the misconceptions brought about by commercialism, and making it available to all.