are you creating safe spaces for your students?

do your teachers know what to do with the different humans that come to their classes?

stretching diversity is a teacher skillshare to make your classes more inclusive & adaptable.
each of our students is different.
whether they have an injury or a chronic illness, are fat or thin,
in a chair or standing, do you know how to teach for them?

join kesse to explore how to make our classes more welcoming to all humans.

part workshop, part discussion, part class,
we'll explore the ways language, asana,
& even boring business things like our registration forms
& photos can make our teaching more inclusive.

Our Students: 1 in 4 have experienced trauma over 117 million people living with chronic illnesses/pain millions identify as trans and/or queer 60% of people are living in a larger body and experience fatphobia at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. agenda includes: you can yoga class (full day) creating a consent culture beginning to be trauma informed the importance of language how we may spread the harm food & body shaming in yoga chronic pain & illness physical adjustments

download stretching diversity flyer

what others have said about stretching diversity:

"kesse has an expertise on inclusivity that should be shared among everyone"

"i would absolutely recommend this skillshare because i feel like these topics are underappreciated & this skillshare was a great introduction to such topics"

"i would recommend this skillshare because yoga needs to be so much more inclusive"

"this skillshare helps us to reflect on the things we say & do as teachers & helps us rewire & rethink our approach"

"i would recommend this skillshare because we need to think outside the box"

"this skillshare helps because most people are just unaware of how they impact others"

"you can always learn more!"

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