spoonie yoga

for those living with chronic illness/pain

white spoon on black tear drop shape with white vines & leaves around itliving with chronic illness/pain is a unique journey that can be rough and isolating. join me and other spoonies for some gentle movement, breathing, meditation, and community.


spoonie support tribe
of cincinnati/nky

what we’ll do
at our regular meetings anyone living with chronic illness/pain (mental or physical) is welcome to come to share their experiences, get support, & offer support to others.

what to bring
to our regular meetings bring snacks or drinks to share, if you’d like, but not required. many of us have food sensitivities so please bring ingredients lists.

we will also have periodic social activities.

check facebook or meetup for specific event details

spoonie yoga classes

i’m not currently offering any spoonie yoga classes but am working on a couple of projects.


have an idea for a spoonie event? send me an email or message me on facebook & let me know what you want! i’ll do my best to make it happen!

don’t know what the spoon theory is? learn about it.