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workshop resources

jonah, matsyendra, jivheyman, and northrop frye: keynote address to the accessible yoga conference, toronto, 2018

no, we’re not asking too much: on making yoga more inclusive

yoga talk podcast 62: important conversations with elliot kesse

what’s your ACE & resilience score


supplemental resources

i am the only expert on my body and my experience by elliot kesse

spoonies, yoga, and chronic illness/pain by elliot kesse

you’re not really as inclusive as you think. by elliot kesse

restorative yoga for chronic pain by kelly mcgonigal

yoga talk podcast 56: creating inclusive yoga spaces with amber karnes

yoga talk podcast 60: evidence-based yoga with colin hall

yoga talk podcast 64: gender and consent in yoga with tobias wiggins


books you may wish to add to your yoga library

yoga & body image – anna guest-jelley and melanie klein

yoga rising: 30 empowering stories from yoga renegades by melanie klein

the body keeps the score – bessel van der kolk

yoga for pain relief – kelly mcgonigal