about matt matt standing on one leg in warrior C, looking directly at the camera

after years of addiction and pain, matt found recovery and yoga. it wasn’t easy; the pain persisted, but so did matt. many nights simply surrendering to the mat, in stillness and breath as the class continued in movement.

eventually, he retired the cane that had been necessary for mobility. he found himself enjoying the simple things again: playing with his children, enjoying the smell and texture of dirt between his fingers in the garden, and the simple freedom of touching his toes with a forward fold. he lost the perpetual fear of oncoming pain and found serenity in the peace of the present moment.

he did his 200hr teacher training at true freedom recovery and he is currently working on his 500hr EmbodiYoga teacher training.

he brings compassion and empathy to everything he does.


matt is leading our first spoonie yoga for guys workshop

sunday, october 22
11am – 1pm
rooted yoga
118 w pike st, 2nd fl
covington, ky

register here