godx circle, creating space for nonbinary, androgynous, & transmasculine humans with change.yoga

live online gatherings for nonbinary, androgynous, & transmasculine humans

mondays at 7 pm
jan 21 – feb 11

how do we find our place in a world where we’re not seen?

yin yang symbol with a male figure & female figure instead of circles

fellow nonbinary humans,

are you looking for community where you’re seen & heard? where you don’t have to explain yourself? where others have had similar experiences & you don’t feel so isolated?

it still seems difficult to find spaces, even in the yoga world, that are inclusive of nonbinary humans, especially when we don’t identify as femme. so, i decided to create this space for us.

if you’ve been around the yoga world, you’ve probably heard of goddess circles. if you feel like you don’t quite fit in those or other meditation & yoga spaces, i hope you’ll join me in this first godx circle.

some questions i’ve been asking myself lately:

  • what does it mean to be nonbinary in a binary society?
  • what does #metoo & #believewomen mean to you if you a nonbinary human?
  • what does body positivity mean to nonbinary bodies that aren’t recognized as valid or that are only seen as part of the binary?
  • what does it mean to explore & claim any part of a masculine identity as a nonbinary human in the current political & social climate? what does ‘toxic masculinity’ mean to a nonbinary and/or trans-masc human?

the godx circle 4-week series will include:

4 1-hour online meetings with guided meditation, breathwork, discussion, & gentle asana (physical yoga practice) if the circle feels called to it

for this first circle, i’m offering a special, discounted price & limiting the circle to 5 participants.


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mondays at 7 pm
jan 21 – feb 11

about kesse

kesse is a white, fat, atheist, agender, spoonie* who specializes in teaching adaptive, mixed-level yoga to all humans. they’re the founder of change.yoga & the director of inclusion & communications at rooted yoga in covington, ky. they are anti-diet and pro-self-empowerment. before becoming a teacher, they had practiced yoga for over 15 years off and on. after being diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, they found their way back to a consistent practice including meditation and breathwork. their teaching philosophy is that they are here to help their students build their own practice in order to empower themselves to gain all the benefits yoga has to offer. when they’re not practicing or teaching yoga, they’re a freelance marketing consultant and wannabe artist, chef, and gardener.

*spoonies are people living with chronic illness/pain and comes from the spoon theory by christina miserandino

change.yoga provides empowerment-based yoga for all humans
fat positive
trans/queer inclusive
chronic illness aware
trauma sensitive
introvert friendly

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